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Nabida Care Management, Our Team

Our Team

Individuals guided by the shared ambition of effective and aspirational support.


At Nabida Care Management we seek to be responsive to the diversity of the people and needs we support. As such we are proud to have an eclectic array of backgrounds and experiences within our team. All of whom bring a unique perspective and personal manner to the service. It is through having these differences that we are able to draw out the strengths within our team, so that pertinent and positive relationships can be formed.


One of the most important relationships we look to establish when someone enters in to our support is with our dedicated Support Team. Access to someone from team is always available, and they will work in partnership with the people they support to discover and create optimistic futures.  


Making the decision about who will fulfil these roles is not simply the checking of support needs. As with all our support, creating a dedicated team is a collaborative process with the supported individual. Together we will take time to consider who it is that we are supporting and show respect for individual and personal choice.


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