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Kat Phoenix - Service Manager


I joined Nabida Care Management as the Service Manager in 2013. I came to the post because I have a long-standing interest in working with individuals who have experienced challenges with their mental health, and how this affects  their day to day living, as well as the impact it has on their ability to manage and realise their hopes for the future.


As a qualified Occupational Therapist who has worked in both, the NHS and private sector, as well as experience in teaching in higher education; I feel that I have a range of clinical, professional and personal skills that mean I am good fit for this job. I am passionate about enabling the individuals that we work with, to achieve the life that they want; and about supporting the staff group that work here to help individuals to realise their dreams.


I believe that our approach to support is flexible and supportive of the individuals that we work with – whilst at the same time helping them to manage the expectations and challenges of the world that they need to live in.


Sam Edwards - Deputy Service Manager


I have been the Deputy Service Manager at Nabida Care Management since March 2015 and I came to this post after 12 years of experience of working as a Registered Mental Health Nurse within Northamptonshire NHS Trust. I chose to leave the NHS and join Nabida Care Management as I feel that our approach allows individuals the opportunity to make a positive difference to their lives.


My experience has been within inpatient settings and prior to joining Nabida Care Management, within a local funding team for the NHS. During my years of practice as a Registered Mental Health Nurse, I believe myself to be competent in my practice, skills set and knowledge of Mental Health and believe that this makes me suitable to fulfil my role.


My passion lies in working with individuals who are involved in Mental Health Services, the impact that this has on their ability to understand their own needs, create their own personal goals in life and their ability to sustain a life that they have identified for themselves, whilst living in the community.


The Management Team

Kat Phoenix - Registered Service Manager
Image inside a Nabida Care Management supported living flat
Sam Edwards - Deputy Service Manager
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