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Nabida Care Management is an independent care provider who specialise in supporting people with mental health diagnosis and associated difficulties. Founded in 2011 the provision has proven successful and is now able to support people with a diversity of needs across two Northampton based sites.



The aim of Nabida Care Management is to support our service users to achieve an independent and fulfilling life.


Although pathways and outcomes are always person centred, we see this aim as being inclusive of sustainable daily living skills, meaningful activity and social inclusivity.




Nabida Care Management takes great care in their recruitment and support of staff members.


Nabida Care Management’s structure is inclusive of a Registered Service Manager, a Deputy Service Manager, StaR (Support Time and Recovery) Workers and Support Workers.


Within Nabida Care Management there is a diversity of experience, including statutory, third party and independent services, occupational therapy and psychiatric nursing. This collective experience is invaluable to the support provided and Nabida Care Management looks to enhance this through a proactive learning culture. As such as , all staff are involved in an ongoing program of service specific training, sourced from external providers, to help ensure the standards of best practice are exceeded. Such training is inclusive of:


  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

  • Deprivation of Liberty

  • Data Protection and Confidentiality


As a basis all support staff are working towards, or hold, at least an NVQ level 3 qualification in Health and Social Care or complementary subject. Those above the NVQ level 3 requirement are offered an annual bursary for training or education in developing personal practice.  


At the offer of employment, staff are referenced as to their person and are enhanced DBS checked by Nabida Care Management for suitability when working with vulnerable adults. The DBS certificate is renewed every 3 years.​


Service Access


The Nabida Care Management service has been created with a priority towards people with a mental health diagnosis or associated difficulties. It is understood that these terms are open to interpretation and Nabida Care Management welcomes this in accordance with its commitment to fair access.


Since opening there has been diversity to the people that have been supported by Nabida Care Management. Within this history, Nabida Care Management has frequently accepted referrals from forensic services and  has supported people who are subject Section 17a  or Section 41 of the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007), and people who are entitled to Section 117 aftercare.


A Nabida Care Management Referral Form can be downloaded here


Service Approach


The support that Nabida Care Management offers is concordant with a ‘Person Centred’ model of care.  Within the ambition of service user independence we believe it is essential that service users play an active role in identifying and expressing their needs so their unique support package can be developed. It is through this service user led ownership and personalisation of support that it is hoped the skills for independence become sustainable.


Although the full team is available services users will be dedicated a STaR Worker and support worker so that trusting and productive relationships can be encouraged. It will be with this dedicated team that the service user will work on such areas as:


  • How to integrate social and emotional strategies in to everyday living

  • Creating a better understanding of how their mental health may impact on everyday living and how best to manage this

  • Engagement with meaningful activity and occupation

  • Learning to manage their own medication

  • Relapse prevention




Flats are made available to Nabida Care Management service users across two Northampton sites.  Over the two sites there is capacity for 27 service users and allocation is given dependant on need.


Nabida Care Management support staff are available 24 hours a day at Duke Street and between 8am and 9pm at St. Michael’s Road. St.Micheal’s Road residents have access to on-call staff outside of these hours.


Both sites are continuously monitored by CCTV camera’s which are reviewed by Nabida Care Management staff.


The St. Michael’s road address is inclusive of access enhanced flats for people with mobility concerns.


These flats are close to both local amenities and the town centre, including sites of possible meaningful activities such as a college and leisure centre. They are of contemporary design, part furnished and are within a fully managed building. They are provided with the following:


  • Sofa

  • Bed

  • Bedding (including duvet)

  • Washing Machine

  • Fridge

  • Microwave

  • Toaster

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Basic cleaning equipment

  • Access points for FreeSat television


These flats are provided by the landlord with a full tenancy agreement to ensure the rights and privacy of the service user are adhered to. Nabida Care Management help service users manage this tenancy.



Nabida Care Management


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